Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Wheel Goes Round and Round

Talk of bailing out the auto industry is, or should be, the number one point of media attention. Sadly, the Hillary for Secretary of State tumult vies, and seemingly wins, the most scrutiny. Don't want to get into that, although, while I believe Clinton is smart and capable (not much of a praise-heavy word, capable), I'm waiting for someone to explain to me exactly why she would make a great Secretary of State.
Oops, almost fell into the trap of having the non-important dominate my mind. As to the car companies, in a time of economic collapse, allowing the jobs of millions to be ended by letting the Big 3 fall, seems an untenable position. Here's a simplistic take on it. Unlike the big bailout, which had no strings attached (like making the banks lend out the money they received rather than hoarding it), the possible auto funding could be an opportunity to reshape the industry. Let's make the money, in part, contingent on the companies manufacturing only cars over 35 MPG and hybrid or electric. Then, we give Americans tax credits for buying those exact models. We would build a market through incentive, and force the companies to produce in order to get the government funding.
As to the Republicans standing on "principle" in favor of the free market, let's call it for the bullshit it is. Michigan as a Democratic stronghold, is of no use to the GOP.

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