Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take Him Fishing

When Sonny Corleone rashly speaks his own mind, his father Vito, the Don himself, gently scolds him in public, then rebukes him more harshly when alone. Just a pointed reminder not to transgress. But when Fredo actively works to take shots against his younger brother and new Godfather Michael, he is given the kiss of death and eventually whacked in the middle of a lake. One can go to far, you know.
So with Joe Lieberman. Here's a guy, who actively and determinedly, day after friggin' campaign day, set his sights on Obama, doggedly determined to take him down. This was no one-off, shoot from the hip remark. It was a contract job, and he, like Fredo, missed the mark. There should be repercussions.
Instead of a weak-assed slap on the wrist, the Democratic leadership should have told Ol' Joe to get his pole and get on the boat.

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David said...

As Emerson said, "If you shoot at a King, you must kill him." Sorry, Joe, you messed up.