Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Couple of Follow-Ups

Back in December, I wrote about Avatar (Blue Man Group in Space). I had high praise, with some criticisms. Last night, the family gathered to watch it on Blu-ray and, though I was not looking forward to seeing it again, I was taken with the story much more than upon first viewing. It's still a simple tale, no doubt, but this time around I was struck by its emotional clout. The power of seeing it on the big screen, in 3-D, is gone, and, in a way, that's good. Watching at home, in plain old 2-D allowed it to be, well, just a movie. And it's a great one. (Read the first post for more detail).

One comment on James Cameron's ability. In an early scene of Avatar-human interaction, I (and I'm guessing you), was struck by how huge the Na'vi were compared to the Earthlings. It's a mankind-centric point of view. Later, when Sigourney Weaver is taken to the holy site, I (and I'm guessing you) was struck by how puny man was in relation to the natives. It's a Na'vi-centric POV. That switching of perspective, done very subtly and through excellent pacing, is a testament to Cameron's skill.

Two weeks ago, after a National Record Store shopping spree, I wrote a post (Keepin' v. Sellin' - The Eternal Battle Continues). Well, no surprise to those who know me best, I'm keeping my haul. So there. I lost again. Or did I win? I'm not sure, but it never was very close, not with the bag perched next to me, the records calling to me like tell-tale hearts of vinyl.

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