Sunday, April 4, 2010

Get The Nodzzz

Saw Nodzzz. From San Francisco. Opened for The Soft Pack. At Mercury Lounge. Tiny club. Lower East Side. Near Katz’ Deli. Had pastrami. And a knish. And a hot dog.

At club. Long narrow bar space. Too tight. Lots of kids. Could be their father. A little uncomfortable.

Awesome show. Geeky trio. Double lead singers. Cool guitar interplay. Quirky pop tunes. Kinda like The Feelies. Or The Voidoids. Lots of fun.

Bought CD. From singer with Clark Kent glasses. Ten bucks. Ten songs, fifteen minutes total. Haven’t stopped listening. For days. Very catchy.

I’m hooked. You should be too. Go here:

(From ragazine,