Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spreading Myself Around

(Wow, that title sounds way dirtier than I thought).

My list of 2010 writing projects is set. Tomorrow begins the work, building on 2009 and hoping to reach some of the goals that were just out of my grasp last year.

Though my lists are quite good, they are always thrown a curve and, when that hook comes, I'm ready for it. So, when I got the pleasantly surprising offer at the end of '09 to become Music Editor of ragazine, I happily accepted. For those who read Katz Komments via Facebook, you've seen this already. For the rest of you, here's column number one:

Look for a new piece every month. And don't forget Maybe Baby, of course. Or Katz Komments. Or any of the other bits on my list that may come to fruition.