Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Trip to Upside-down Land

I forget when I first heard the insight that the modern Republicans always take what they do and pin it on the Democrats. When the Rove/Limbaugh machine looks at the history of the GOP, and see a party that has always stood against Civil Rights, they, of course, cite the obvious fact that it is the Democrats who are racist. As the Bushies take from the poor and give to the rich, of course, it is the Democrats who have it in for the little guy. And so on.

Which gets us to Sarah Palin. Only in the black is white, up is down world of today's GOP, can a Governor lead by quitting. Palin's sports analogy, (inartfully delivered in the same style as her failed ESPN audition of years back), that she's a point guard passing the ball off, is wildly off the mark. This is not a passing to a teammate - this is a 5'10" guard seeing that the defense is made up of five Shaqs and, realizing the futility of the effort, walks off the court. Don't think John Stockton on this. Think Scottie Pippen, begging out of a 1994 playoff game v. the Knicks when the coaches wanted Toni Kukoc to take the end of the game shot.

As to the rest of Palin's press conference/speech, it is required viewing. A rambling, incoherent mess of catchphrases and repetitive drivel, it should, in a just world, be the death knell for her political career. Sure, Nixon came back from his "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore" speech to the press, but say what you will about the only President to resign, the man had intellectual heft.

Perhaps Palin will, to take another page from the sports book, pull a Bill Parcells or Phil Jackson and head to a broadcasting gig until something better comes along. A Fox News show is surely at the top of likely possibilities. It seems to me though that Newt Gingrich has this path already laid out. Regardless that Newt is a hypocritical, reactionary blowhard, he does speak clearly and elucidate his opinions well. Palin couldn't handle that kind of competition.

Perhaps she can make a pass to Sean Hannity, like any good point guard would.

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