Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News Media Problem #37

Did you ever wonder whether newscasters actually listen to what they're saying?

On MSNBC just now, Contessa Brewer did a report on the prospective deal in which the US will send 17 Gitmo detainees, Chinese Muslims called Uighers, to the Pacific island nation of Palau. We have to pay them $200 million for this service. A mere bag of shells. Why? Because cowardly Republicans and Democrats in Congress do not want terrorists in the US. They wouldn't be here as tourists, visiting the zoo or going to the movies, mind you. They'd be placed in Super Maximum Security Prisons.

No sooner does this report end does that Brewer tells us convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid, who tried to blow up a plane, is on a hunger strike. Where is he incarcerated? Gotta be Gitmo, or some undisclosed rendition site. Couldn't have a terrorist in the US, that's a huge security problem?

Colorado. He's in Colorado in prison.

No comment from me. Also, no comment from Contessa Brewer.

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