Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wrong fight over the Wrong Senator

How is it that today's Democratic leadership has developed the uncanny knack of fighting the wrong battles? Take the Senatorial mess.
Regardless of Governor Blago's seemingly slimy ways, he is the presently unindicted sitting Governor of the state of Illinois. In this role, he has legally appointed Roland Burris to take Obama's vacant seat. By all accounts, Burris is solid and in no way would be anything but a solid Democratic voter in the Senate. Of course, Harry Reid is out to prevent him from taking office. Why would he want to take a legally appointed, solid supporter of his agenda? Remember all that talk about getting to 60 Democratic Senators and how each individual was crucial? Not so much it seems. Would Reid be so strident against any Blago appointment? How about if Caroline Kennedy happened to be a Chicago resident and was chosen? I think not.
In Minnesota, Al Franken has now been certified as the winner. Now, Norm Coleman has every right to go to court, in the same way Franken had the law on his side when he refused to cancel a recount even when old Norm asked him to. BUT HE IS THE CERTIFIED WINNER! Why wouldn't Reid be fighting tooth and nail to have him sworn in. Because the Republicans said they would filibuster? So what. The Dems might have the votes to override the filibuster. Except for Burris, of course, who they are preventing from getting in the club. Why aren't the Democrats fighting to get Franken his seat? It boggles the mind.
Back to Blago. The idea that an official under suspicion of crimes, though unindicted, should be disallowed from performing his Constitutionally designated duties is interesting. Can you count how many times Reid has stood up to Bush and Cheney, who have subverted the law and thumbed their noses at the Constitution? Let's just say it's close to zero.

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