Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet the New Boss?

Just a few points on Obama and the Blago scandal.
This delay to get together who in the President-elect's camp spoke to the greedy gov casts suspicion where perhaps none should be. But, realistically, how many people could it have been - Rahm, Axelrod, Obama. It shouldn't take long to find out.
Remember when everyone in the Bush administration refused to talk about the Fitzgerald-led investigation into the Plame leak? Anyone not in the tank for Bush pointed out that cowering behind a refusal to comment on an "ongoing investigation" was a patently empty position. No prosecutor can legally keep a lid on testimony like that. Today, Obama said he was asked by Fitzgerald to not comment. Really? I don't recall the U.S. Attorney giving that cover to the Bush-men. Maybe he is shielding Obama, Maybe Obama is using the current establishment's handiest excuse to clam up. It doesn't add up.
Either all this is a stall with a real purpose behind it, like a cover up, but I really doubt that. Or, it's a baffling posture that only creates skepticism, rather than diffusing it. Neither option are good examples of the "new politics" we heard so much about.

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